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Today I am doing something I’ve never done before but I’ll been meaning to do for a really long time A video on What I usually eat in a day So here we go I usually wake up at 6:45am and head straight to my fridge I expect breakfast to magically appear but It never happens so I just grab some water and to be honest I’m usually not that hungry right when I wake up so I’ll just have a fitjoy protein bar with water so I can get my day started Now I don’t take pre-workout but I do take alpha amino x during my workout This actually has caffeine in it so it really energizes me and the amino acids help prevent soreness the next day I go to the gym stay there for about an hour and a half and then when I come back after my workout I’ll come home and get my protein shake started I’ll usually have around four strawberries, one banana and then some frozen berries.

I also add a spoon of oats so it just feels a little bit thicker I’ll had some water and blend it in for a second so that I can then had my weight protein Make sure you pick the right protein powder for you and If you are adding fruit like me I really recommend vanilla flavor protein For lunch I’m heading to a place in my neighborhood called Suit Greens If you’re ever in LA and you like healthy food you should definitely check this place out They have a ton of different salad options Today I’m gonna go with this Hollywood Bowl just because it has wild rice grapes raisins scale roasted chicken it’s really really healthy And it tastes very very good The services aren’t really small either so this will actually fill you up This is one of those salads that will actually fill you up I’ll grab some Lemonade as well with no sugar and I will take my time eating the salad After that I will just walk home and let’s skip right to dinner here I will show you guys one of my favorites dishes right now It’s actually really really easy to make so It might help you guys who maybe just moved out on your own or If you tryna live a healthier lifestyle So this is tilapia with rice and green beans and a baked potatoe and it taste amazing All you gonna do is pre-heat your oven to 415ºF or around 212ºC Your gonna poke small holes in the telapia squeeze half a lemon on it and then add some lemon pepper on top For the baked potatoes it’s also really easy you just have to wash them poke small holes in them and then throw them in the microwave for about 10 min if your baking 2 So about 5 min each I personally like jasmine rice for this dish but you can have any type of rice you would like I’ll do 1 cup of rice and add 2 cups of water some salt, pepper make sure the water covers the rice to otherwise it won’t cook properly now go ahead and bring it to a boil once it’s there all you have to do is lower down to and close the lid and leave it there for a while This here are looking good let’s get them on the plate I like this organic frozen green beans here as well They’re really easy to make You pretty much just add them to a bowl and then a splash of water and throw them into the microwave for 5min that’s it The fish should be ready now it looks incredible so we’ll just take it out right now get the green beans and then add some lemon on top of the green beans as well as the fish You can add some salt and pepper to the potatoes or dressed them however you like and your done This should only take you around 20 min for this whole dish so it’s not bad at all for a full healthy affordable dinner at home Now it’s just time you know to chill watch some Youtube videos and enjoy my dinner Let me know If you guys wanna see more of this and comment below with your favorite meal of the day I think mine is dinner right now because I really love this dish .